12 Reasons Why Kate Upton's Our Favorite 'Sports Illustrated' Cover Girl (VIDEO)

Kate Upton graces Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue's cover for the second year in a row.

Kate Upton graces Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue's cover for the second year in a row.


What's not to love about Kate Upton?

Aside from the obvious factors that she's gorgeous, funny and looks great in a bikini. The supermodel, who is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue's cover girl for the second year in a row, chatted with Ryan Seacrest (lucky guy!) on his radio show, On Air with Ryan Seacrest, today (Feb. 13) — and got pretty candid.

So we figure, why not share our 12 favorite quotes and reasons proving why this blonde bombshell is our favorite SI Swimsuit cover gal of all-time:

1) She Posed Topless In the Freezing Cold — Rock Star
Need we say more? "The cold was a huge factor, but also there was no way to prepare for anything because no other fashion magazine had been shot there. We were on a ship the whole time. We had to take zodiac rafts to land twice a day and we were, like, kicking the ice to break it so we could get to land. I mean, it was an adventure."

2) She's Single
Despite being on nearly every guy's radar — and being linked to the likes of athletes Mark Sanchez and Justin Verlander in the past — the 20-year-old says she doesn't have a boyfriend. Oh, and if you're interested, you don't have to be an athlete to woo her. "I think it's not on what a guy does, but who they are."

3) She Tries to Ignore the Mean and "Fat" Comments
Haters go on and hate — this lady knows she's successful regardless. "I'm human, so mean comments definitely get to me, but obviously I'm doing all right."

PHOTO: See Kate Upton's Cleavage-Baring Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Cover

4) She Loves to Dance — Especially the "Cat Daddy"
The world fell in love with Kate a little more after photographer Terry Richardson uploaded a video of the beauty demonstrating the "Cat Daddy"...wearing only a bikini [see below]. "I just dance for fun. I feel like people just catch me having a good time." Might we see her recreating the popular "Harlem Dance"? "I haven't even heard of it. I'll check it out."

5) She's a Sports Chick
No wonder SI loves her so much...beautiful AND athletic. "I grew up in a very sports-oriented family. Sports were always in my house and that's what I pictured the ultimate success being."

6) She's Got Advice for Aspiring Models
We're pretty sure any up and coming model uses Kate's success as an example for their own career. "There's so much to learn. I would just say don't get down — and there's always different clients you can go after. The hardest part...I think it comes from in you and you can't try hard. You have to be a confident person and feel the moment."

7) She Might Act in the Future
Hollywood's leading ladies — look out. Something tells us a few directors would be interested in casting this stunner in a flick or two, but it's nothing something she wants...right now. "I'm really happy where my career is going right now. If acting falls into that, I'd be happy...but I'm not focusing on just that."

8) She Doesn't Know If She'd Kiss the Nerd that Co-Model Bar Refaeli Kissed in the Go Daddy Super Bowl Commercial
Hey, it took Bar 45 takes, so we don't blame her. Then again, she did pose nearly nude in the Arctic cold. "[I've seen it]. I think it's a very interesting commercial, but I don't know [if I would have kissed the guy Jesse]."

9) She Respects Her Predecessors
Before Kate, SI has had some of the world's most beautiful women grace their annual Swimsuit issue — and Kate has respect for all of 'em. "I think the magazine has created a lot of powerhouses...and I look up to them."

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10) She Didn't Prepare to Shoot in the Freezing Cold
We probably would have fainted two minutes in, but not this pro. "I was very nervous because I'm from Florida and didn't know if I could handle it," she says, adding, "I didn't know what to expect. I honestly had no idea what was going to happen. It was the most beautiful place I've ever been, but probably the hardest shoot I'll ever do."

11) But She Loved It — and Would Do it Again
"I love it. I think that whenever you go on a set or a shoot that's that difficult to get the cover photo is so exciting. I love all the photos in there because I have so many memories and I was able to pull it off."

12) Our MAIN Reason? Penguins Helped Her Pull Through
So she didn't reveal this to Seacrest, but she did say it earlier this week while promoting the cover. “My body was shutting it down, it was working so hard to keep warm. The penguins kept me going. They’re adorable.”

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Oh, check her out dancing the "Cat Daddy" in a bikini below:

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