American Idol: Is Judge Nicki Minaj the New Simon Cowell? (AUDIO)

American idol nicki minaj simon cowell


Fresh off her successful night at the American Music Awards, Nicki Minaj is opening up about her new stint on American Idol.

When she called in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest this morning, Nov. 19, the songstress' interview got us thinking: Will she be the new Simon Cowell on the reality series?

"It's hard for me to not say how I really feel," the 29-year-old said when Ryan asked if she had any regrets about the way she talked to contestants. "I'm having a hard time [with how honest I am sometimes]. Everyone else is so nice. I was just thinking back about some things, and thinking 'I wonder if that was not nice.'"

PHOTO: Nicki Minaj copies Julie Bowen's dress at American Music Awards

But there's a reason why she's not afraid to show her true colors.

"As an artist, I've always grown more from the tougher criticism," she explains. "I would like to be that person and to try to give people that thick skin and really give it their all. It is a competition."

As for Simon, it seems Nicki has his seal of approval. "[Nicki's] very smart, very influential, very bright..." the former Idol judge has shared.

Though the "Super Bass" singer has already run into some problems with co-judge Mariah Carey, she says viewers will see a  "great dynamic" between all four judges, which include Keith Urban and Randy Jackson.

"Just the chemistry of the judges, I feel that while I'm there I think it's really different than anything we've seen before on Idol and people are going to like it a lot," she continues.

As for singing a duet with Mariah on the show's stage, she's still up for it: "If she'll have me, I'll be there waiting."

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Check out Nicki's full interview with Ryan below:

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