Ashley Horn: I am Lindsay Lohan's sister

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    <p><span></span>Just a week after <strong>Lindsay Lohan</strong> was released from jail, an unexpected family member is reaching out to help, claiming she is the stars long-last half sister! <em>Life & Style</em> has exclusively obtained the birth certificate of 15-yr-old Ashley Horn -- and it names Linday's father, <strong>Michael Lohan</strong>, as her dad. <br />

Ashley's mother, Kristi -who had a brief affair with Michael in the early 1990's while he was married to (but separated from) Dina--came forward with their story in 2008, but Michael denied that he was the father. "In December 2008 we had a court hearing that Michael was ordered to appear at for the DNA testing," Kristi tells Life & Style. When Michael didn't show (he says he was on probation and couldn't travel), a judge ruled that his name could be added to the birth certificate.

But Michael is still denying that he's Ashley's father, telling Life & Style, "I'd be glad to take a DNA test!" Kristi also claims that Michael owes a staggering $300,000 in back child support (a ruling his lawyers are contesting).

Now, Lindsay Lohan's not the only one ripping into Michael for not being there for his family. "I do not trust him, and I don't want to be around him or part of his life," Ashley tells Life & Style. "I could never call Michael Lohan 'Dad.' A dad is a person who is there for you and takes care of you." Ashley says she wanted to reach out to Lindsay this summer when the star was in jail and rehab, but having no ties to the family made it impossible. "I wanted to help Lindsay in some way, but what was I supposed to do?" Ashley tells Life & Style. "I don't even know how to contact her."

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