Battle of the Beards at the Golden Globes: Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto and More Stars Go Head-to-Head With Facial Fuzz

Leonardo dicaprio jared leto golden globes

Leonardo DiCaprio and Jared Leto were just two of the many A-list fellas sporting facial hair at Sunday's Golden Globes.

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Fact: Women in Hollywood have it a lot harder than the fellas at awards shows.

While the beauties get all glitzed and glammed up in the best designer dresses, the men merely pick out a tux and - BAM! They're basically done.

But at the Golden Globes this year, Hollywood hunks Leonardo DiCaprio, Jared Leto, Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum and others made fashion statements of their own - on their faces! Cue the beard talk.

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Sure, we are used to seeing these guys at their clean-shaven and fresh-faced best, but at last night's awards facial fuzz was de rigueur. And while some of them pulled it off, others ended up looking like a hot mess.

Here at Life & Style, we're separating the best from the bombs below:


Aaron Paul

Can Jesse Pinkman do no wrong? (Well, aside from the occasional crystal meth use.) The Best Supporting Actor nominee rocked the just the right amount for his big night — Breaking Bad finally won its first Golden Globe!

Chris Pine

We're pretty sure if you looked up the definition for "handsome" in the dictionary, this picture would be there. Yes, the beard was a little scraggly, but we like the effort he put in to his hair — and the fact he wasn't afraid to sport gray whiskers!

Leonardo DiCaprio

The Wolf of Wall Street star packed a punch (a hot one at that) on the red carpet before picking up Best Actor in a Comedy/Musical...proving furthermore our hearts do go on (see what we did there?) for Leo. Cue a collective sigh.

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Matthew McConaughey

Not over-the-top and not under-the-radar worked just right for the star, who picked up Best Actor in a Drama for Dallas Buyers Club. We think it's alright, alright, alright.

Michael Douglas

After battling through years of personal woes (cancer, his son's drug use and incarceration, his marriage to Catherine), we are so happy Michael Douglas' success with Behind the Candelabra continued last night as he won Best Actor in a TV Movie. And we loved that the 69-year-old couldn't stop smiling — beard or no beard! 

NO, NO, NO, NO and... NO!

Channing Tatum

Channing, listen. We know you're a new dad and all, and that must be exhausting coupled with work and your relationship with Jenna, but could we please have the old Chan back? Preferably shirtless. In other words, GET RID OF THIS HAIR STYLE AND FUZZ IMMEDIATELY. That's an order.

Chris Pine

"Uh, I guess I'll present at the Golden Globes. And, uh, I guess I'll just roll out of bed and attempt to smile through this horrific mountain-man, hairy situation I have going on north and south of the lips."

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Jared Leto

W. T. F.

We'll tell you what he wouldn't do: show up the way he looked to the freakin' Golden Globes, and don't even get us started on the man bun! (Oh, but congrats on the Best Supporting Actor win for your role in Dallas Buyers Club, Jar.)

Joaquin Phoenix

LOL. Even Her would laugh at his expense, and she can't even see.

Michael Fassbender

"Let me think of a way I can look the worst I've ever looked. Ah, yes, got it."

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