Bethenny Frankel’s Diet Tips for Surviving the Holidays

Bethenny frankel diet tips

Bethenny Frankel knows how hard it can be to diet during the holidays, so she’s shared her biggest tips with Life & Style — and with Christmas only two weeks away, what perfect timing!

“You balance it out,” she explains. “It’s like a bank account.”

The 42-year-old describes the biggest secret to avoiding overeating: “You either taste everything,” she says. “Or you pick your spot.”

What exactly does that mean? “You have a little bit of everything because you want to try it rather than binging and feeling guilty,” she elaborates. But keep portions small!

Or, if you’re craving one particular sweet – Bethenny’s weaknesses are brownies, popcorn and eggnog – stick to that and avoid all other temptations.

But enjoy yourself! “It’s not about being good or bad or binging and starving,” she says.

And once you know what to eat, you can focus on throwing the perfect party.

The SkinnyGirl told Life & Style that the secret to one is "lighting, sound, making an evening for yourself and having signature cocktails."

EXCLUSIVE: Bethenny Frankel's holiday tips on how to host a good party

Sounds like a fab fête!

Share some of your tips in comments below!

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