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Beyoncé’s Go-To Healthy Snack That Helps Melt Fat

Beyonce vegan diet


Stars like Beyonce, Jennifer Garner and Jessica Alba just can’t get enough of avocado – a former fatty food that is now one of the trendiest snacks in Hollywood.

As a result of the slimming benefits found in good fats, avocado is now becoming part of daily diets and stay-slim regimens for the stars, especially for the Drunk in Love singer.

“I love avocado! It’s one of my favorite healthy snacks!” Bey, who credits her slim figure on her vegan diet, dishes.

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The green pear-shaped fruit doesn’t have to just be in a salad or part of a sandwich, eateries have used avocado to make martinis and even popsicles!

Another snack with avocados as the main ingredient? Avocado toast!

The “trendiest toast in town,” as noted by Time Out Los Angeles, includes a “slice of bread, a slathering of crushed avocado, a dash of salt or pepper” and voilà!

Or you can try Bey’s “Sasha Salad,” which includes a blend of romaine, avocado, chicken and jalapeno. Bey says, “It’s really delicious because it tastes like it’s not very good for you!”

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“We now understand that healthy fats – like those in avocados, salmon and almonds – actually burn fat,” celeb fitness guru Harley Pasternak tells Life & Style.

“They help you absorb more vitamins and make you feel full, so you end up eating less.”

Thanks to their omega-3 and omega-6 acids, avocados can turbocharge weight loss and help melt belly fat. A recent study showed women who eat half an avocado daily can shed 10 pounds in two months without dieting!

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