Breast Milk Facials are a Thing Now...Yes, Really

Breast milk facial

Feel like having some breast milk poured over your face? You can for $40!

Customers of a Chicago facial bar are now able to enjoy a 30-minute facial treatment enhanced by a mother's milk.

The recently opened facial bar, Mud, is boasting a plethora of eclectic ingredients on its treatment menu — the most odd being the breast milk option. The bar is owned by aerial fitness studio AIR mastermind Shama Patel, who explains that breast milk “has a lot of antibodies, which fight infection".

Mud Facial bar

Mud facial bar on opening day. (Photo Credit: Facebook)

But even if the idea piques your interest, don't try this at home! Experts say breast milk can carry bacteria and diseases like HIV. Mud, on the other hand, makes sure everything is sourced with care.

“We get our (supply) through a certified milk bank, so the donors mainly have an organic diet and have to have routine blood checks—it's very accredited,” the Mud owner explains.

Regardless, you'd still sitting for a half hour with your face covered in a stranger's breast milk. So... would you try it?

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