Curvy Like Christina Hendricks? Celeb Stylist Ugo Mozie Gives Tips on How to Dress!

Christina hendricks curvy tips

Curvy like Christina Hendricks? Celeb stylist Ugo Mozie dishes his top tips to show off your figure!


It’s no secret that curvy women everywhere are envious of the way Mad Men star Christina Hendricks accentuates her jaw-dropping curves. Unsure of how to take risks and show off your own curves in the figure-flattering fashions? Here are some tips from style expert Ugo Mozie for dressing up a sexy figure like the 37-year-old actress’.

Tip No. 1: Invest in a good bra and undergarments: Dress from the inside out. Your outer style begins with wearing proper undergarments, so get yourself a well-fitting bra and shape wear to camouflage any lumps and bumps that you want hidden. Appropriate-size undergarments will ensure you look fabulous in anything.

Tip No. 2: Accentuate the positive: Don’t cover your curves! Big and loose clothing on your curvy body will only make you appear bigger than you really are. If you’ve been blessed with Christina Hendricks–like cleavage, make sure your clothes highlight it. Don’t hide your features!

Tip No. 3: Wear belts: In between all your killer curves is one of your best features – your waist! Wearing a cinched belt draws attention to your hourglass figure. The thicker the belt, the better. It will play up the contrast between your chest, hips and midsection, creating a drastic hourglass look.

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