‘Dancing With the Stars’ Backstage Buzz With Cheryl Burke: Elizabeth Berkley’s Exit Was a Shocker (VIDEO)

Cheryl burke elizabeth berkley dancing with the stars

Cheryl Burke expresses surprise at how far she and partner Jack Osbourne have made it--and reflects on the shocking moments during this season of 'Dancing With the Stars!'


For the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars, pro dancer Cheryl Burke will be sharing the inside scoop with Life & Style readers! In this week’s edition, Cheryl talks about the shock surrounding Elizabeth Berkley's exit and how excited she is that Jack Osbourne is in the semifinals.

I can’t believe this season will be coming to an end in a few weeks. I already miss all the celebrities who have been voted off so far - especially Snooki. We became really close, and it truly shocked me that she got cut so early in the competition.

Speaking of shockers, there have been so many this season! Elizabeth, who we lost this week, was definitely one of them. In my head, I always imagined the final four to be Corbin Bleu, Amber Riley, Christina Milian and then either Elizabeth or Snooki. It’s just crazy. 

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Jack and I still have to watch out for Corbin and Amber because they're here - and going strong! All I know is that if they're in that final, we can't compete against them when it comes to hip hop or jazz. 

I still have no idea what song we're dancing to, but I would love to do something that Jack's really good at. I tried to convince him to dance to his dad Ozzy Osbourne’s music, but he still won’t let me do that! I know it will never happen.

Until then, I think our biggest competition are Bill Engvall and Leah Remini because we're all in the same category. You look at Corbin and you look at Amber and they're just a level up from everyone else. They're truly amazing!

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But you know what, Jack is also amazingly talented. I never thought he'd be a dancer. I thought for sure in week four or week five, we would've been cut. But he's proven me wrong, as well as most of America probably!

Next week, Jack and I will have to come up with not just one, but two really strong numbers if we want to make it to the end. I’m so happy we’ve gotten this far this season. I think it gives Jack confidence. He came into the show with zero and didn't expect that he'd last this long. I think he's more confident now, which is good. 

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