‘Dancing With The Stars’ Backstage Buzz With Cheryl Burke: Jack Osbourne Won’t Dance to His Dad’s Music!

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For the 17th season of Dancing With the Stars, pro dancer Cheryl Burke will be sharing the inside scoop with Life & Style readers! In this week’s edition, Cheryl reveals how she sometimes forgets Jack Osbourne has Multiple Sclerosis and how he refuses to dance to dad Ozzy’s music. 

I’ve got to be honest — the Cha Cha was a really difficult dance for Jack. He was really uncomfortable with the hip action. That dance has been the most challenging yet. Though it was a bit of a struggle, I just try to have Jack's strengths shine as much as possible. He's very good at retaining information. I try to make the choreography a bit more challenging, so that he's constantly dancing with me and I'm not overshadowing or dancing around him. 


He’s being doing a great job at holding his own since we started. If I have any advice to still give Jack, it’s to stretch because of all the splits I've been putting into our routines. I don't want him to get injured. I just tell him to be open and communicate with me because I sometimes forget he has Multiple Sclerosis. He was just diagnosed a year ago. He doesn't take himself seriously, so it's hard to know if he's really injured or just joking.


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But Jack has been such a joy to work with — even though he won’t let me choreograph a number to one of his dad Ozzy Osbourne’s hits! He says it’s a super cheesy idea. But if I had his permission, I would totally come up with a routine for us to rock out to Ozzy!

Speaking of Ozzy, he and the rest of the family have been so supportive throughout Jack’s time on the show. Although it might make others nervous, Jack’s glad to have his family sit in to watch him dance. He wants them there — and I think it helps him!


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