Designer Nikki Lund Dishes On Her Nikki Rich Fashion Line--Miley and Kelly Are Already Fans!

Nikki lund fashion designer

Nikki Lund, who designs the new line Nikki Rich with partner Richie Sambora, talks about her favorite styles.

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In spring 2012 designer Nikki Lund and Bon Jovi star Richie Sambora teamed up to launch Nikki Rich Clothing — a sleek clothing line for women, with just a just touch of grunge. Since music and art inspire this collection it’s no surprise Miley Cyrus and Kelly Clarkson are already fans. 
Life & Style sat down with Nikki to hear all about the story behind her line.
You mention that you incorporate music, art and fashion into your design aesthetic. Is there anything in particular that you are inspired by and why? What was the inspiration behind your Fall/Winter collection?
I am inspired by music of course. I am a songwriter & feel there is a symphonic energy in the melancholic romance and inevitability of life, the idea that we are all dying while we are living.
Fall was inspired by the feminine to masculine juxtaposition, its androgyny and the fight woman have had since birth to be strong and yet so soft. Fall was Military Chic, boxy shoulders on jackets and feminine chiffon blouses. Drapery and oversized pockets. We all have a story to be told and I can tell my story through music as a songwriter or fashion as a designer. It's all art at the end of the day and that's what keeps me inspired and moving.
Since you are an LA-based, California native and Richie is from New Jersey, do you feel that there is a mix of East Coast & West Coast influences incorporated into your designs as well?
I don't really think of the designs that way: East Coast/West Coast. At the end of the day, you are left with the real sense of me and Richie's lifestyles through the designs, whether that comes out in a laid back manner in one collection or more structured and refined in another. What you see is what you get.
What are your favorite pieces from your Fall/Winter 2013 Collection and why? Any suggestions for how you would style them?
My favorite piece is the one that makes me feel good on any given day and it changes with my mood and my emotional capacity. I love all the pieces for different reasons, but I do think our jackets on any given day you cannot go wrong with. Pair one up with a soft dress or a pair of jeans.
Is there one trend from fall that sticks out as something everyone should have in their wardrobe and what would be the best way to incorporate that look, even for "edgier" trends?
One trend for fall that I love is military — a military jacket is a good piece to keep hanging around. It will always give any outfit a little edge. 
Looking ahead to spring - what trends are you embracing for the 2014 collection?
I am embracing the valley girl and punk rock gypsy. Chiffons with a plaid or tribal print. Lace blazers with raw edges and dresses with uneven hemlines. I used a lot of mixed media and lurex, distressed metallic leathers and rose gold hardware. There is a discreet opulence and timeless beauty to our Spring 2014 collection. I love it! 
What are your hopes for the future of the Nikki Rich brand? Is there anything more in the works? How and what will you do to take your brand to the next level?
I would hope to keep my heart in my art and continue to work with people I admire and respect, like my partner Richie. We do not want Nikki Rich to be another celebrity clothing line, It's not about celebrity or that would show a lack of respect for the work. Richie and I design and create clothing to make woman look and feel good. I want to launch a shoes & accessories line as well as a Nikki Rich perfume and open some of our own stores worldwide. 
You can check out the line at
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