Barron Trump's Nickname Is "Little Donald" — Everything to Know About the President's Youngest Son!

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Thanks to his nearly non-stop tweets, Donald Trump is a constant presence in Americans’ lives. But some of the president’s family members are not as "in your face" as the businessman-turned-politician — including his five children.

Sure, his eldest three kids — Ivanka, Donald Jr., and Eric — get their share of coverage in the press for working on both his company and in the White House. However, the youngest, 11-year-old Barron, remains a bit of a mystery. So who is the rarely-seen middle schooler? Read on for deep dive into his life in 2017.

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Who is Barron’s mom?

Donald married third wife and former model Melania Trump on Jan. 22, 2005. Just 14 months later, the couple welcomed their first (and only) child on March 20, 2006.

What’s his nickname?

Melania tells Parenting.com her nickname for Barron is “Little Donald.” Apparently, she calls him that because he reminds her of his dad when the two are spending time together.

Who are Barron’s siblings?

Barron is the last of the president’s five children. He has four older half-siblings, three from his father’s first marriage to Ivana Trump: Donald Trump Jr., 39, Ivanka Trump, 36, and Eric Trump, 33. His second half-sister is 24-year-old Tiffany, whose mom was Donald's second wife, actress Marla Maples. As a pre-teen, he’s already an uncle to Donald Jr.’s five kids, Ivanka’s three, and Eric’s one son.

Where does he live?

Following Trump’s inauguration, Barron and Melania stayed behind in NYC so he could complete fifth grade at Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School. At the end of the year, they finally moved into the White House.

Where does he go to school?

Now that Barron calls Washington, D.C., home, he’s attending school at St. Andrew’s in Potomac, MD. It’s said to have a diverse student population, which is great for the bilingual child, who is fluent in both English and his mother’s native Slovene. He’s the first presidential child to not attend Sidwell Friends school.

How tall is he?

Though the tween’s height isn’t currently on record, recent photos show that he’s only a few inches shorter than his 6-foot-2 father and about the same height as his 5-foot-11 mother. And just think — he’s still growing!

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How much is he worth?

According to Forbes, Donald is currently worth an estimated $3.1 billion, which he will eventually split between his five children (we're assuming). But for now, Barron is just a kid living off of his parents.

Does he have social media?

If you see Instagram or Twitter users with Barron’s name, that's not him — he doesn’t have any social media accounts. His dad would call those pages "fake news."

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