Eric Benét's Fresh Christmas Start — With His Wife and Baby, Of Course!

Eric benet wife baby

Courtesy of Danielle Treco

Just out of the studio after recording his Christmas duet with Faith Evans, singer Eric Benét certainly has a lot to be grateful for this season, but perhaps his proudest accomplishment is his stable home life with wife Manuela, whom he wed in July of 2010, and daughter India, 20, and newborn baby girl Lucia Bella.  

Eric tells Life & Style, “December is like nuts over at the Benét household, but it’s great. India is turning 21 and Lucia is having her first birthday.”

With family flying in across the country for Lucia's first birthday extravaganza, Eric discusses the importance of making time for his wife.

"Right now the idea of a wonderful date is my wife falling asleep in my arms and somebody watching the baby and we get eight hours of sleep but no, we definitely making time for each other that way,” he confides to Life & Style.

The 42-year-old hopes to add to his growing brood — if he finds the time, “It’s always been my dream to have a baseball team, to have a gang of kids.” 

It seems that Manuela might need some more convincing, “I just have to get my wife on board now. I know she’s on board for at least one more, so we’ll see.”

When asked if Eric and his eldest daughter still stay in contact with ex, Halle Berry, Eric says the relationship has ended, but that he is "praying for Nahla [Halle's daughter]" this holiday season.

Eric's new album, The One, is available on iTunes.

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