EXCLUSIVE: Jenny McCarthy: Rebel Wilson Is My Dream Talk Show Guest

Jenny mccarthy rebel wilson talk show

Jenny McCarthy tells Life & Style she wants Rebel Wilson to guest star on her talk show.

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Now this is an interview we’d love to see.

Jenny McCarthy, 40, exclusively tells Life & Style that she’d love comedian and actress Rebel Wilson, 27, to visit her self-titled talk show.

“I would say she’s number one because she’s so self-deprecating in her humor,” says Jenny, who hosted the Hotel Durex event in NYC on April 2. “She’s raw; she’s real. You don’t think she’s faking it. It’s like, this is what it is and she’s hilarious.”

The bombshell is such a fan that she already tried to get Rebel on her VH1 show.

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“When [producers] said to me, ‘Who do you want to do your first episode? Who should we try for?’ I was like, ‘Please get me her!’” she recalls. “But she was busy doing something else. So someday when she’s on my couch, I will bow to who — I think — is comedy gold.”

Both ladies have a lot in common: They’re blonde, they’re hilarious — and they’re raunchy. But does Jenny take credit for originating the role of the raunchy blond?

“I’ve always been ten years before my time with everything I’ve ever done,” she tells Life & Style. “I had bell-bottom jeans ten years before everybody else. It’s just kind of how it’s always been. There’s room for everybody. That’s why I love everybody — you’re reaching into different categories so I don’t know if I was the first. We’re [including the likes of Chelsea Handler] definitely the generation — the raunchy blonds.”

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