EXCLUSIVE: Nick Cannon Addresses 'American Idol' Rumors on Jennifer Lopez Replacing Mariah Carey

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Nick Cannon talks to Life & Style about the rumors on Jennifer Lopez replacing Mariah Carey.

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Nick Cannon is standing by his wife, Mariah Carey, after reports surfaced that American Idol producers may replace her with former judge Jennifer Lopez in order to boost ratings.
Nick, who celebrated his fifth wedding anniversary with the music legend on April 30, tells Life & Style of the speculation, “These rumors come from anywhere!”
Though Fox denied it, the buzz isn’t sitting well with Nick. “My wife is the biggest superstar in the world,” he tells Life & Style, on stands now. Speaking in the past tense, Nick says of Mariah’s time on the show: “I know she had a wonderful time on Idol.”
Looking to the future, he says Mariah’s got plenty in the works. “I know my wife is so focused on her real career of being a singer and her new album that is coming out, which is incredible.”
However it works out, Nick doesn’t feel his wife will be upset either way, telling Life & Style: “To me, it sounds like it’s Idol’s loss.”

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