Fan Offers $250,000 For Beyoncé’s Grammy Dress!

Beyonce grammy dress

One fan is willing to fork over some serious cash for Beyoncé's Grammy dress!


Designers already flock to dress Beyoncé for an awards show, but now they will be lining up even more.

Michael Costello, the designer of Queen Bey’s sultry white lace Grammy dress, tells Life & Style that the dress would retail for “around $65,000,” but diehard Beyoncé fans are willing to pay much more.

“One offered us $250,000 for the dress,” the Project Runway alum—who will be making an upcoming appearance on Under The Gunn to support his friend Tim Gunn, tells the mag of the "Drunk in Love" singer’s couture gown. “But we said no. We wanted to keep the original!”

Wearing the lace floor-length gown was a spur-of-the-moment decision, Costello revealed, which happened right after Beyonce came off stage after her Drunk In Love performance.

"She met with [her stylist] Ty Hunter and picked out the dress. It happened literally seconds after the performance. She was like, ‘This one—I want to wear this. This is hot. This is the best. I want to wear this.’"

He told Life&Style about the moment he found out the songstress had chosen to wear his creation for the rest of Grammys show.

"So I was in Macy’s shopping and I was sad and disappointed because I didn’t think she was going to wear anything," he said. "And then my partner Richard, I see him running, knocking things over.

"I literally said, ‘Don’t f**k with me right now. I don’t have the time or the patience for this sht.’" And then he showed me the picture of the fabric and I fell to the floor.

"I was like, ‘Oh my gosh, does that mean she’s going to wear it?’ Then it was literally only 60 seconds later that the picture of her got posted in the white gown that we did and I was like shocked.

"And she put it on her Facebook and she started posted things about it. I went from having 353k Instagram followers to 418k followers in a matter of two hours."

Despite her love of the dress, Bey returned it to the designer and in doing so, was able to help him fulfill one of his dreams - to have one of his creations in a museum.

"I wanted the most for the dress—I wanted it to be featured in a museum somewhere and then I got my dream come true because the Grammys Museum partnered up with me recently and we decided to do a Michael Costello red carpet look for the Grammys.

"[It is] going to feature the three dresses that I did for the red carpet, of course Beyonce’s being the main one in the entrance, and it’s going to be in exhibit in the museum in Los Angeles for one year."

Though he credits Project Runway for making him a household name and opening "major fashion doors' for him, Michael said he believes there is also a higher power at play.

"I think I’ve totally been blessed and I do get these wonderful opportunities because I believe God has a plan for me.

"I’m just forever grateful for all this success that came from my life. I feel like they’re all blessings from God."

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