Get Fit and Fab in 2013: Lauren Conrad Shares Her Body, Fitness and Health Tips With Life & Style

Lauren conrad body tips


Ever wonder how Lauren Conrad keeps in healthy and great shape? Wonder no more!

Life & Style recently chatted with the New York Times bestselling author, who shared her tips on how to get a fit and fab body in no time. Her fans can even visit to take part in her "Get Fit Quick Plan."

"I don't believe in crash dieting, but I do rely on a few tricks that keep my metabolism revving" the 26-year-old, who loves working out to Girl Talk, says. "Water, water, water and green tea! When it comes to health, there are no shortcuts. At the end of the day, it's all about maintaining a nutritious diet and an active lifestyle."

With summer right around the corner, is she doing anything particular to get bikini ready?

"Last year I shared my plan—it's called Bikini Boot Camp. When it comes time to kick things into high gear for bikini season, I rely on drinking plenty of water, eating clean, and increasing the cardio in my workouts," the fashion designer explains.

Though Lauren's in a happy and committed relationship with beau William Tell, she says having a boyfriend does not pressure her more to stay in shape.

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"I think people should work out for themselves and not for others," she tells Life & Style. "More than anything else, it's important to stay healthy and fit for your own peace of mind and well-being."

Since hitting the reality scene in MTV's 2004 hit, Laguna Beach, LC has a been an inspiration to many young people—a responsibility she takes seriously.

"I shared my Get Fit Quick plan for 2013 because I want my fans to know that there is a way of attaining a more fit and healthy physique without starving yourself," she shares. "There are so many rumors in Hollywood about these insane crash diets that are completely unrealistic and impossible to maintain. I've relied on good old fashioned healthy eating, exercise, and discipline. I want to show my readers that they are capable of getting the body they want this way, too."

And we think she's doing a fabulous job!

To check out Lauren's rules for diet and workout, click here — and share your fitness tips in comments below!


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