Gucci Premiere Holiday Video: What Ryan Reynolds Should Get Blake Lively for Christmas

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Blake Lively is getting in the Christmas spirit with the help of the fragrance, Gucci Premiere!

The 25-year-old beauty recently sat down with the brand she’s face of and dished on everything from how she’ll spend the holidays to what she’d love for Christmas!

Listen up, Ryan Reynolds!

“The most important gift is something that lasts,” she shares. “I think things that last are memories, whether it’s a photo album, something that was a meaningful moment, something that you make.”

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In fact, Blake recalls her favorite gift of all-time: A home video her sister made her.

“I live in New York now and for one of my gifts, my sister videotaped her kids going to school from before they woke up, walking in [to school] — a day in the life,” she says, adding, “Because I don’t get to be with them all the time and I love them as if they were my own children. I actually tell them that I’m their mommy!”

“She videotaped the entire day…making their breakfast, brushing their hair and edited it together beautifully,” she continues. “It was just such an incredible gift because it’s something I can’t be there for everyday.”

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But she’ll get to catch up with her sis and her darling nieces and nephews in just a week!

“I come from a big family so the holidays for me is just the time that I’m excited to do nothing, but spend time with my family,” she shares. “We love to cook, eat and play games. And so much a part of that, too, is just everybody coming together and celebrating so we always cook our meals together and that is such an amazing experience.”

And, of course, if you’re stuck on what to get a loved one, the former Gossip Girls star says a fragrance is the perfect gift — plus, you’ll make out on the deal!

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“It tells a story. It’s a nice identifier,” Blake says. “It’s also a selfish gift because it’s so comforting when you’re near someone you love and you recognize their smell. It’s a very selfish gift to give because you get so much pleasure out of the gift as well.”

To see her full interview with Gucci, watch below:

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