'Hitchcock' Co-Stars Rave About Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett johansson hitchcock


Scarlett Johansson certainly made a lasting impression on her Hitchcock co-stars.

Life & Style caught up with some of the cast at the film's premiere in NYC on Nov. 18 — and they had nothing but nice things to say about the blonde beauty.

"Scarlett is a wonderful girl," Helen Mirren tells Life & Style. "I haven't worked with her in a film before, but we'd both been on jury in Venice and got to know each other so we've become friends. I'm a big admirer of Scarlett's. It's fabulous to work with her."

In the flick, which is about the relationship between Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins) and his wife Alma Reville (Helen) during the making of his 1960 hit Psycho, Scarlett plays actress Janet Leigh. Janet played the infamous lead in the horror classic.

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"She's fun," James D'Arcy, who plays lead Anthony Perkins, tells Life & Style. "She's a minx. I like working with her a lot."

Director Sacha Gervasi revealed just how Scarlett, who turned 28 today, landed the role when she came over to chat with him and Anthony at Sacha's home.

"She took the [early pages I wrote] and it went from this meeting, which was meant to be about [if she was going to do this film] to a rehearsal session," he shares with Life & Style. "She never told us she was doing it. She just started rehearsing."

The film, which hits theaters tomorrow, Nov. 23, also stars newlywed Jessica Biel.

"Anyone who works with [Scarlett] will tell you the same thing," Sacha adds. "She's got...the obvious movie star beauty stuff, but underneath all that, you've got a major, major actress."

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