How Lovebirds Katy Perry and John Mayer Stay Fit on Tour

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Harley Pasternak trains Katy Perry and John Mayer, and now he's revealing how they stay in shape with their grueling schedules!

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Katy Perry and John Mayer’s trainer, Harley Pasternak, recently talked to Life & Style about the famous pair’s fitness schedules when they go on the road – and he’s giving you an inside look at their tour routines!

“Step up” is the first training plan he gave the “Who You Love” singers. Pasternak explains that simply walking up a flight of stairs for as little as 20 minutes gets the heart racing and burns a good amount of calories.

The celebrity trainer also recommended a “multiple variation training plan,” which is what Katy and John use to work on different parts of the body while changing the resistance, number of reps and angles.

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For the people trying to implement more cardio in their busy lives, Pasternak knows it can be a hard thing to do – but a little bit of entertainment goes a long way.

"Pop on an episode of your favorite TV show on Netflix and your 30 minutes of cardio will fly by,” Harley told Life & Style at a Netflix event in NYC on Dec. 10.

Along with exercising often, eating well is also very important for getting healthy. Here’s what Pasternak suggests for a daily diet:

An egg white omelet with avocados and a couple slices of high fiber dry toast.

Greek yogurt and some berries.

A salad with smoked salmon.

Hummus and cut veggies or popcorn.

A salad nicoise with stir-fried seafood.

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Pasternak says working out in pairs — like Katy and John do! — serves as great motivation. “I find it for the most part to be a very positive experience.”

So grab a loved one or a friend and follow Pasternak’s tips — because who doesn’t want a body like Katy’s?

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