Here's How You Can Vote for Your Favorite Contestants on 'The Voice'

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The 13th season of The Voice is almost over. And if you're wondering how to cast a vote for your favorite contestant, look no further! The show airs tonight, Dec. 12, and the bottom two artists will be sent home, while the middle three will compete for a spot in the finale.

Since there are only a handful of performances left before a winner is crowned, it's more important than ever for fans to submit their votes. And there are a bunch of different ways to do so. Fans can vote through The Voice Official App, via NBC.com, by purchasing one of the artist's eligible songs or duet songs, by streaming an artist's eligible song or duet song on Apple Music, or through Xfinity using the X1 set-top box and x1 remote (just follow the directions on the screen). You can also search for The Voice during the broadcast feed of the episode through the show's information page.

A lot of fans are supporting Brooke Simpson, who is on Miley Cyrus' team. The singer recently performed Journey's "Faithfully." "The lyrics are talking about one person [who is] out on the road following their dreams, doing music, and the other person that they’re in love with is being faithful and supportive at home,” Brooke, 26, told reporters after the live show.

“It’s actually what me and my husband are going through. Every week when my family’s in the crowd, I can’t spot them. But this week I was actually able to see him in the crowd so I just sang to him the whole time, and it was so special.” We love that! Make sure to vote for your favorite singers.

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