Jay Z to Kanye West: No, I Won’t Be Your Best Man — Unless the Wedding is Not Part of 'Keeping Up with the Kardashians'

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One thing money can’t buy—a best man!

Jay Z will rap on stage and party all over the world (and do other things that super wealthy best friends do) with Kanye West, but supposedly, will not be by his side for the biggest moment in Ye's life—his wedding to Kim Kardashian.

“Jay is Kanye's closest friend so he wants him to be best man. Jay agreed initially but had one condition,” an insider tells UK’s Daily Star, “under no circumstances can there be any reality TV shows filming him, his wife, Beyoncé or daughter Blue Ivy during the ceremony."

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Okay, so if the much-anticipated wedding of the year does get filmed for Keeping Up with the Kardashians, the 44-year-old rapper is out!

“The thought of popping up in 'KUWTK' mortifies Beyoncé,” the insider adds. “She purposefully keeps herself away from trashy TV and isn’t prepared to lower her standards for anyone, or any occasion.”

Since executive producer Kris Jenner surely would like a larger KUWTK audience and being that West’s over-the-top proposal was filmed, chances are the ceremony will be filmed as well.

Kim Kardashian Claims Kanye West Wedding Will Be “Small and More Intimate”

"Bosses at E! are desperate to get the nuptials on air, and will pay millions to make it happen," the source says.

The couple is reportedly getting married in Paris, France on May 24.

"We're having a super, super small, intimate wedding," the 33-year-old bride-to-be told Ryan Seacrest. “As we go along, we're realizing we want it to be smaller and more intimate than people are imagining and thinking."

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