Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé and More: How to Get a Body Like the Stars

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Want a booty like Jennifer Lopez's? A body like Beyoncé's? We've got the tips and tricks to achieve those goals below!


Do you want a booty like Jennifer Lopez’s? An ab-licious body like Beyonce’s?

Well, fitness expert Kristen James has the workouts and tricks to help you achieve an A-list body!

The creator of her own cycling class, CYCLEology, James is currently the Area Fitness Manager in the NY Metro area for Equinox Fitness Clubs. Frequently appearing in the media, with appearances on ABC News and Woman’s World magazine, James is one of the most sought after fitness instructors in the area. In fact, her cycling classes usually fill up in less than ten seconds!

Luckily for our readers, the expert herself has shared a few tips and tricks to get the star body you desire:

Jennifer Lopez’s Butt & Legs
To achieve J. Lo’s best assets, start with the Bulgarian Split Squat. First, place your right foot behind you, resting it on a step or low bench, then step your left foot forward into a lunge position. Next, holding hand weights in each hand, squat or lunge down until your hips are at the height of your left knee. Perform 12 reps for 3 sets on each leg.

Beyoncé’s Abs
The side plank move is a great way to work out your core. Start by lying down on your right side with your elbow stacked under your shoulder. Next, lift your body off the floor and extend your top leg up toward the ceiling. If you want an extra challenge, perform the side plank using your hand instead of your elbow.

Jennifer Aniston's Arms
Performing hi-pulls for the upper back help to tone your shoulder and arm muscles. To start off, stand with your feet together while holding a hand weight in each hand. Next, pull the hand weights up to your chest and then slightly back, keeping your wrist, elbow and shoulder all parallel to the floor.

An Overall Lean Body Like Gwenyth Paltrow's
To get a svelte body all-around, add high-intensity intervals to your workout sessions. For example, while taking a jog, break out into a sprint for 20-30 seconds. Repeat once every three minutes to burn extra body fat!

Renee Zelleweger’s Diet Secret
Cut out carbs after 3 pm! Your body doesn't need them for energy as your day is winding down. So what your body doesn't use, it will store! 

For more tips and info check out Kristen James' website and follow her on Twitter!

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