Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Breakup: Celebrities Weigh In on Twitter

Justin bieber selena gomez breakup twitter


It was the biggest news of the week and now Hollywood has a thing or two to say about it!

Following Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s breakup, some celebrities are taking to Twitter to air their humorous thoughts about the split.

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From Chelsea Handler to Zach Braff, check out how these stars feels are feeling about Jelena’s current relationship status:

Chelsea Handler

If Justin & Selena are over it’ll be good for both of their careers. Everyone knows you only write good songs after break-ups. #TaylorSwift

E! Online

Joel McHale reacts to the Jelena breakup: “It’s just one of those moments where you’ll always know where you were.”

Zach Braff

If Selena and Justin can’t make it, no one can. Guess I’ll be weeping in the fetal position all day.

Star Jones

I’m confused re #JustinBieber #SelenaGomez. When you’re 18/20 shouldn’t you be able to just have fun & date?

Caroline Manzo (after hearing the news, Caroline tweeted her daughter Lauren Manzo, who just left an event the Biebs must have attended!)

Hey @Laurenmanzo get back there! u left 2 early!

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