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Kanye West is Rob Kardashian's "Biggest Cheerleader" as he Struggles With Depression

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The temperamental and talented Kanye West has been called many, many things over the course of his illustrious rap career, but never once has anyone referred to the man who really, really loves a good rant as a "cheerleader."

Until now.

It seems that Kanye has been reaching out to brother-in-law Rob Kardashian as he has been battling depression over the past year, offering the only member of the Kardashians with an XY chromosome support as he works through his issues.

''The whole family is pulling for him, " a source tells E! Online.

"Even [Kanye West] has been reaching out to him more and showing he cares. They are all his biggest cheerleaders right now.''

Jay Z and Solange Knowles could learn a lot from these two!

Bring it on Kanye!

Not being described as a "cheerleader" in this heartwarming story is Kanye's wife Kim, who has been very vocal about her penchant for the tough love method when helping family members trying to cope in difficult times.

Khloe, everyone's favorite Kardashian and her family's frequent lone voice of reason, took her big sis to task during an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians when Kim said she had been, and would continue to be, tough loving Rob.

Of course, anyone at all familiar with the family is well aware that Rob's biggest cheerleader has been and always will be sister Khloe, who he lived with for years.

''Rob and Khloé have always been tight. And Khloé has been there 100 percent for Rob since he's been going through hard times."

One of the causes of Rob's depression was the split between his sister and her husband Lamar Odom, who he viewed as a brother.

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