Kelly Osbourne on Body and Weight: I Have One Cheat Day a Week

Kelly osbourne weight body


Kelly Osbourne's worked hard to keep her body in shape, but she admits she doesn't diet all the time.

“I have one cheat day a week and I eat whatever I want,” she told Life & Style at W Hotels of New York presents the W Love Hangover Ball in support of amfAR on Nov. 28.

Her favorite food of choice? “Pizza,” she shares.

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But the 28-year-old reveals what’s helped keep her figure fit. “Eating right and working out,” she says.

Two years ago, the Fashion Police co-host showed off her new body on the cover of Shape magazine after losing an incredible 50 lbs.

"Ultimately, I'm really glad I lost the weight the way I did," Kelly’s said. "I never thought in a million years I'd be that healthy girl who wakes up every morning to exercise.

We think you look fabulous, Kelly!

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