High Fashion or Overboard?:

Kendall Jenner Puts Breasts on Display for Marc Jacobs' Fashion Show – and Twitter Explodes

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Kendall Jenner is getting a lot of flack for exposing her breasts at the Marc Jacobs New York Fashion Week show.


Kendall Jenner made quite a statement walking in Marc JacobsNew York Fashion Week show Thursday night.

Donning bleached eyebrows and a short blunt wig, the 18-year-old looked almost unrecognizable.

But that wasn’t what everyone couldn’t stop staring it – Kendall wore a see-through top that exposed her breasts.

Naturally, Twitter nearly exploded as soon as photos started filtering in.

While some applauded the teen for taking the big step:

“Kendall Jenner is fiercely beautiful and a perfect model, you go girl.”

“#KendallJenner walking in #MarcJacobs. oh. my. goodness. At last one of the Kardashians proves she has some actual talent.”

“Kendall Jenner became a bona fide thing somewhere between 8:00 and 8:20 last night.”

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Many were quick to express their distaste:

“Am I the only 1 who thinks it’s sort of repulsive that such a stellar Marc Jacobs show is only known as the Kendall Jenner nipple show?”

“‘She’s 18, so we can start whoring her out’ The Kardashians on Kendall Jenner. The next wave of white trash coming up.”

“Stop trying to make Kendall Jenner happen. It’s not going to happen.”

And that was enough for her older sister Khloe Kardashian to respond to the haters.

It’s also not the first time the young beauty has put her chest on display to the world.

Remember when she Instagrammed this?

Kendall Jenner Breasts

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Regardless of what anyone thinks, Kendall is turning heads in the fashion world.

Shortly after she stepped off the runway, Vogue.com published their “#VogueInstaFashion” special with the teen.

In it, she models the best looks of New York Fashion Week.

Not to mention, Vogue Editor-In-Chief, Anna Wintour, was spotted at the Jacobs show – fueling rumors that Kendall just might be featured on an upcoming issue.

Anna wintour

As one Twitter user points out:

“Wouldn't it be funny if Kendall Jenner got a Vogue cover before Kim? I bet Kim wouldn't be pissed at ALL.”

What do you think of Kendall’s high fashion runway debut: totally fabulous, or a tad too much? Tell us your thoughts in comments!

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