Khloé Kardashian Fears For Lamar Odom: His Month Of Excessive Partying

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Khloé Kardashian has been extremely worried about Lamar Odom and his partying.


Whether he's away or in LA to stay, Lamar Odom will play — and it's something that concerns his wife Khloé Kardashian.

As Life & Style reports in this week's issue, Lamar's father, Joe, reveals to Life & Style that the former X Factor host has concerns for the 33-year-old NBA player.

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“He likes to party,” Joe tells Life & Style. “I think, probably as a wife, you know, you worry about your husband.”

Over the past month, the LA Clippers star has been out and about excessively drinking. Nowhere in sight? Khloe.

Jan. 10
It wasn't even noon and Lamar ordered several rounds of 1942 Don Julio shots for him and his pals before moving on to champagne at Ivy at The Shore in Santa Monica, Calif.

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Jan. 23
During one of his away games in Phoenix, he threw back shots at The Ritz-Carlton hotel bar at 7 p.m. Interesting note? Not one of his teammates were drinking.

Jan. 31
While in Toronto, he drank a big glass of white wine and took two shots of tequila at the Ritz-Carlton. But that wasn't all. He then went to Bloke & 4th nightclub, where his table was fully stocked with Grey Goose bottles.

Feb. 5
Another night away from home. In Orlando, Fla., Lamar partied the night away at hot spot Vain nightclub. The athlete, who drank Bud Lights and shots steadily throughout the evening, struggled to walk after hours.

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Feb. 8
Welcome to Miami. Lamar dropped $700 at The Epic Hotel's Area 31 lounge, then took the party to Fontainebleau Hotel.

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