Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Friend Angie Martinez Dishes on Their Upcoming Wedding

Kim kardashian kanye west wedding

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It’s poised to become the event of the year, and Hot 97 radio personality Angie Martinez dishes exclusively about what to expect for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s wedding.

The current star of VH1’s This is Hot 97, an unscripted comedy show that follows what happens outside of the booth, Angie recently spoke with Kanye for the first episode.

“I think both of them are super creative people, and I think Kanye is not going to do probably what everybody would expect,” she tells Life & Style about North West’s parents. “He’s going to want to do something a little different.”

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Angie believes in grand Kanye tradition, the rapper hopes to “look back on this as an iconic moment 20 years from now. I know that’s how his brain works,” she reveals.

And what about the rampant rumors Beyoncé and Jay Z are choosing not to attend? Angie, who is close friends with the power couple, suggests the rumors aren’t true.

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“I haven’t heard from anybody reputable that has confirmed that,” she claims. Speaking further about Queen Bey and Jay, she gushes, “What’s amazing about them is they’ve really painted a picture of what is possible in terms of having a family and having two amazing careers.

“I think a lot of people look up to them, and aspire to have a relationship where you have support on both sides.”

But Kimye, take note! A rock-solid marriage like Bey and Jay’s takes hard work.

“I think they’ve been together so long, they understand each other’s careers, and I think over the years they’ve grown into a family that knows how to do that—how to support each other and how to make it work,” Angie explains.

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“Many people can’t make that life work with one busy career, let alone two,” she says. However, when it comes to Blue Ivy's mommy and daddy, “they have somehow mastered it.”

Check out Kimye on Angie’s show below:

By Mindy Lee

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