Kim Kardashian Cuts Hair, Debuts Clip On Bangs: Love it or Leave It?

Kim kardashian hair bangs


Right in time for the holidays!

Kim Kardashian didn't just show off a smile when she was photographed landing in LA on Dec. 19 — she also showed off a bangin' (literally) shorter haircut.

And we have to say, we think the reality star looks stunning with her hair style.

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In typical Kim fashion, she instagrammed a collage to capture the cut from start to finish — and celebrity stylist, Chris McMillan, was the man behind the scissors.

"Fun shoot today @chrismcmillan He just can't control his scissor hands! #bangs," she tweeted to her nearly 17 million Twitter followers yesterday.

But guess what? The bangs aren't real! Ah, that Kim — what a trickster.

"I saw a few of you tweeting me about my bangs!! The bangs are fake!" she wrote on her website today. "Just clip ons! I had a fun Cosmo cover shoot yesterday and Chris McMillan clipped these on!"

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This isn't the first time the 32-year-old has tried out a new look. Over the summer, the brunette beauty decided to rid of her beloved extensions...but just weeks later, she decided to put 'em back in.

Well, now that summer's over, it makes sense why she'd want a quick fix — regardless, we're pretty sure Kanye West likes his lady's hair either way!

But what do you guys think?

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