Kim Kardashian’s Hair Colorist Reveals: It Took 4 Hours to Make Her a Blonde

Kim kardashian blond hair

Kim Kardashian is pictured here with blonde hair from 2009.

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It took quite a bit of time to transform Kim Kardashian from a brunette to a blond bombshell.

Life & Style chatted with the man behind her new look, Joico’s celebrity colorist George Papanikolas, and he revealed how long the process lasted.

“Considering it can take up to 10 hours over several days, we were lucky that it was quick,” he tells Life & Style. “It took us about four hours from start to finish with two heavy sets of highlights.”

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Kim debuted her lighter hair over the Labor Day weekend when she was photographed attending a friend’s barbecue in Beverly Hills. Two-month-old baby girl North was also in tow.

“We talked about it for a few weeks. We were both nervous. Doing a drastic change from dark to light is unpredictable, and very risky, especially when you’re starting with very dark hair like Kim’s,” says Papanikolas, who colored Kim’s hair at momager Kris Jenner’s house. “There’s a lot of potential for it to turn orange, and the chance for damaging the hair is high. Luckily, it lifted nicely.”

But the 32-year-old new mom absolutely loved the end result. Adds the colorist, “We were both really happy.”

So what made Kim decide to go blond? Papanikolas shares, “She had been hinting about it for months on Instagram and Twitter about ‘missing her blond.’ Much like fashion, she likes to change things up.”

As Life & Style reported, beau and baby daddy Kanye West influenced the reality star’s decision.

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"Kanye wants Kim to have a whole new look now that she's a mom and with him," a friend of Kim's tells Life & Style. "They talked about her going blond again before she did it."

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