Kristin Cavallari on First Months of Being a Mom: "It's Been Hard" (EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW)

Kristin cavallari mom


Kristin Cavallari opens up to Life & Style in an exclusive interview about her struggles as a new mom — juggling her career and the tough task of raising 2-month-old son Camden while her fiancĂ©, Jay Cutler, the quarterback of the Chicago Bears, is away.

“I’m really, really tired,” the 25-year-old admits in the new issue of Life & Style, on newsstands now.

With the NFL season in full swing, Kristin is being forced to take on the bulk of responsibility while Jay is away working. “Before we had the baby, I liked that we had alone time,” Kristin says. “But now with the baby, I feel like Jay is gone all the time.”

PHOTO: Kristin Cavallari shares photo of son Camden dressed in a football onesie

She says her mom has been a huge help with Camden, especially with Kristin working so much herself. “Because I’m traveling, it’s been hard,” Kristin, who is designing a shoe line for Chinese Laundry and has been traveling from Chicago to New York and LA, tells Life & Style. “It’s really nice having my mom. She helps a lot!”

Still, juggling careers and parenthood has been a challenge for both Kristin and Jay, who is missing out on many of the pleasures of life as a dad.  “I was able to bond with Camden since I was breast-feeding,” Kristin says. “It’d been harder for Jay because Camden is so small and Jay doesn’t really have as much time to get close to him.”

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