Pregnant Kylie Jenner Has Reportedly Picked a Baby Name and No, She Ain’t Sharing It


Sorry, Kylie Jenner — but Khloé Kardashian is currently our favorite member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan. After months of silence, KoKo, 33, finally confirmed the news that she’s pregnant and expecting a baby with boyfriend Tristan Thompson by sharing a gorgeous shot of her bare baby bump on Wednesday, Dec. 20. However, her younger sister Kylie, 20, has yet to comment on her own pregnancy…which has been frustratingly shrouded in mystery.

Even worse? (Well for us, at least.) The expectant lip kit queen has reportedly picked a name for her baby girl with rapper beau Travis Scott — and she’s refusing to share it. And, TBH, we just can’t take it anymore. Like, give us something, Kylizzle! An insider explained the devastating situation to People.

“Kylie has a favorite name for her baby girl, but isn’t sharing,” the source told the publication, adding that the makeup mogul is due in February. It isn’t just her daughter’s moniker that Kylie is keeping under wraps. Save for a brief appearance at Las Vegas’ iHeartRadio Radio Music Festival in September, Kylie has yet to show off her baby bump à la Khloé. At the concert, Ky hid her growing belly underneath a loose-fitting T-shirt. Check it out in the video below.

According to People’s source, the first-time mama-to-be has made a conscious effort to hide out at her Calabasas mansion throughout her pregnancy. “For everything that she wants done, like her nails, she has people come to her house,” the insider said. “She rarely leaves her house, and it’s mostly for doctor’s appointments.”

But, apparently, she isn’t bored sequestered inside. “She is busy getting the pink nursery ready,” the source continued. “She loves to talk about the nursery. She received a lot of gifts at her shower, including baby necessities and clothes. She has also bought a lot of things herself. Not wanting to get out much, her focus has instead been on buying things online for the baby.”

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