We Legit Can't Picture Kylie Jenner With a Baby Bump — So We Made Photos of Our Own

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Ever since the news broke that Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant, we've been scouring the Internet for any picture, Snapchat, or tweet that might confirm the story. And while Kylie's dropped a lot of hints, she's yet to actually confirm the news — even though it's been about three full months of rumors. And though we've had plenty of time to get used to the idea, we're still having trouble totally wrapping our heads around the idea of it. (The idea of a pregnant Khloé Kardashian, though — that's a little easier to reconcile.) After all, Kylie's only 20 years old, and she and Travis have only been dating since April.

The word on the street is that the makeup mogul is due in February, which means she's just about eight months pregnant now, give or take a little. Meaning, she should be seriously showing. But between all her throwback photos, oversized tees, and carefully framed selfies, well, it's kind of hard to tell the status of Kylie's swelling belly. We've spotted glimpses of her baby bump here and there — but no full on photos. And it's left us with a lot of questions. Like, how has no one seen her pregnant belly? Are those just her lip injections or are they pregnancy lips? And how can we ever get used to the idea of Kylie as a mom without some visual aids to help us on our way?

So we made our own pregnant Kylie Jenner pictures with Photoshop.

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Right now, with Kylie hiding away from the spotlight, a paparazzi shot seemed like the right move. And who better to escort her through all the pap craziness — and soon-to-be motherhood craziness — than Kim Kardashian. Kim's been through the ringer herself. And now that she has two kids with a third on the way via surrogate, she's probably got lots of good info to share. We imagine these two have been seeing a lot of each other lately. Now, we're just hoping that, when their babies come, they'll give us a sneak peek at the real thing. Not that they owe us anything, but after that stunt they pulled with not including Kylie in the Kardashian Christmas card, Kim could throw us a bone.

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Speaking of Christmas, you know that this family does it up right for the season. With just a few months left until her due date, we've got to imagine that Kylie and Travis are in full preparation mode. And we're sure it's made only more hectic by the holiday season. Hopefully, they can still find some time celebrate and exchange presents — and enjoy their last few weeks of freedom before they have to wake up at all hours of the night with a crying baby. Well, before their sure-to-be extensive team of nannies have to wake up with the baby, at least. And hey — that pregnancy confirmation really has to be coming any day now, right? We're hoping for an official Kardashian Christmas card announcement.

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Kylie and Kendall Jenner are one of the most iconic duos around — so it only made sense to focus on these two sisters supporting each other. And you know Kendall is always going to be there for Kylie. So an excited Auntie Kendall stepping out onto the red carpet with her sister and soon-to-be niece (yep, rumor has it that Kylie is expected a girl of her own!) was the logical next step. Now that we can see Kendall is on board, we can start to come to terms with this surprising news.

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And now that we've gone ahead and envisioned a pregnant Kylie, you know we had to give Khloé Kardashian the same treatment. After all, it's not every day that two sisters are pregnant at the same time (and honestly it's three if you count Kim's surrogate). Come spring, Auntie Kenny is going to have plenty of new nieces and nephews to spoil — on top of the six that she already has.

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Where did these baby bumps come from, you ask? Oh, no big deal. We just borrowed it from Kylie's big sis Kim. We're sure she won't mind – unless those rumors about her feeling the kid competition from Kylie turn out to be true. After all, their babies are supposedly due right around the same time. But hey — they can just be best friends a la North West and Penelope Disick, right? NBD. Speaking of Penelope, though, we also borrowed this shot of a preggo Kourtney Kardashian to mock another angle. You know, for science.

Our Kylie Jenner pregnant photos are really helping us get a handle on this news.

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This is what Kris Jenner will look like as the proud mama she is. Well, the proud mama she will be once she figures out how to monetize this whole thing. And it is a tricky one — after all, Kim's already got her kiddie clothing line. Is Kylie going to come out with some bedazzled diapers instead? Although, LBR, if she did, people would totally buy them. It doesn't seem to matter what kind of crazy s--t Kylie sells — she'll turn a profit no matter what.

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And you know we had to make one where Kylie's holding her pregnant belly in her own proud mama pose. Allegedly, the star has been wanting kids for a while (even though she's still basically young enough to be a kid herself, but whatever). So we have to imagine she's pretty psyched about this news. After all, now that she and Tyga are broken up, she can't just borrow King Cairo whenever she wants. And while we're sure she loves to visit her niece, Dream Kardashian, there's nothing quite like having a baby of your own, right?

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Checking out these pics, we're pretty sure we're ready to get on board with Kylie as a mom. For one, she's got like four different houses to raise the baby in. And no matter what happens with Travis, she'll always have her "marriage" to BFF Jordyn Woods to help provide a happy home. So, basically Kylie is set. And hey, maybe the reality star will learn from her own childhood and keep this baby out of the spotlight so she can have the normal childhood Kylie never did. But considering the ratings boost this is sure to give Life of Kylie, probably she won't. Either way, we'll definitely be tuning in. Now that's one way to turn your TV show around.

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