Miley Cyrus Will Be Going "Unplugged" for MTV

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Miley Cyrus will be the next artist featured on MTV's massively popular "Unplugged" series.


Miley Cyrus is about to get stripped down - in a whole new way. The "Wrecking Ball" singer will star in the latest installment of MTV's popular "Unplugged" series, where musicians perform intimate, bare-bones sets with just their voices and basic instruments. Mariah Carey, Paul McCartney, and Nirvana all went on "Unplugged" in the past.

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MTV named the former Disney star their Artist of the Year for 2013, so it's no surprise that the star and the network found a way to work together. Miley also became a household name after she twerked all over Robin Thicke during the VMAs last year. She also rocked the stage at their European Music Awards in Amsterdam.

"The Unplugged stage has been home to some of the most iconic live performances of all time," said Amy Doyle, EVP of Music and Talent Programming Strategy for MTV. "Miley’s vision for the performance is like nothing we’ve ever seen. I can say that this will easily be one of the most memorable Unplugged performances to date."

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So, what should we expect from Miley: Unplugged? There will be surprise guests, a staple of Unpluggeds past, and re-worked versions of some of her most popular songs from her album Bangerz and throughout her career. Either way, expect the 21-year-old's voice to blow you away.


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