Patti Stanger Plays Millionaire Matchmaker — for Denise Richards' Dad!

Patti stanger millionaire matchmaker dad

Patti Stanger has been playing cupid for six seasons on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker. On tonight's special episode, she takes on the task of setting up none other than Denise Richards' dad, Irv Richards.

Irv is a widower whose wife passed away five years ago from cancer. Now that he's finally feeling ready to date again, Patti is confident that she can find new love for Denise’s dad.

It was the 41-year-old actress who initially reached out to Patti to see if she could help her dad jump back in the dating pool — and Patti gladly accepted the challenge.

“I wanted to kill two birds with one stone—I've always wanted to do the widower story, and I've always wanted to help the seniors.” Patti explains. “The television studios and networks are so jaded on the 18-49 demo, they forget we're living a lot longer. I really wanted a good-looking senior, and you couldn't have picked a better person than Irv. He's stunningly handsome, he dresses amazing. He's the best-kept secret and catch.”

Although you'll have to tune in tonight to see how things turn out for Irv, Patti assures that Mr. Richards had a ball while filming his episode.

“He was the star,” says the Bravo-lebrity. “You turned that camera on, and that man just jumped off the screen - we were shocked. We thought he was going to be shy and introverted. He was completely the opposite. I'm telling you he'll have his own show soon. Trust me.”

And while Irv had the time of his life, Denise was more serious about actually setting him up. “Denise was a little bit more subdued, reserved and a little bit more skeptical, which is what I wanted coming from a daughter,” notes Miss Stanger.

Be sure to catch Denise and her dad tonight on Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker which airs at 10/9c!

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