Say What?! Katy Perry Doesn't Diet to Get Her Amazing Body

Katy perry body diet

It may look like Katy Perry watches what she eats, but her stylist reveals that they always binge on fast food together!


Everyone knows that superstar Katy Perry has an amazing body, but one would have never guessed that she doesn't have the greatest diet!

Though she’s not shy about showing skin, the songstress’ stylist and BFF Johhny Wujek tells Life & Style that she can chow down like the rest of us.

When asked if Katy has a strict routine when it comes to maintaining her killer curves, he responded, “Are you kidding? We have the same diet and fitness.”

John Mayer Treats Katy Perry "Like a Queen"

“We eat In ‘N Out, Taco Bell, like all the junk we’re not supposed to eat," he admitted to us at American Eagle’s Rock Your Walk event in NYC on Tuesday. "But then we’ve got to bust ass and take care of yourself, but we eat awful. Sorry, I just gave it away.”

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In fact, Katy herself has shared that she’s able to work off the calories after an indulgence.

“My concerts are an hour long, so I usually jump rope for half an hour beforehand to get warmed up. It's intense,” she's said. “Thankfully, I have a fast metabolism — though I may not be saying that 10 years from now."

Katy Perry's Dating Rules For John Mayer

With a body like hers, we have a feeling boyfriend John Mayer has no complaints!

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