Scott Disick Walks Out on Kourtney Kardashian

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    <p><span></span><a href=" disick&limit=20&IncludeBlogs=2"><strong>Scott Disick</strong></a> is certainly not acting like a father with another child on the way! <em>Life & Style</em> has learned that after a party-filled trip to Las Vegas, Scott returned home to his furious four-months-pregnant girlfriend, <a href=" Kardashian&limit=20&IncludeBlogs=2"><strong>Kourtney Kardashian</strong></a>, only to storm out and leave her alone -- again.<br />

On Jan. 27, Scott was spotted in the VIP section of a Vegas nightclub, drinking cocktails and partying until 3 a.m. A partygoer tells Life & Style that he was back on the Vegas party scene again the next night, when he was overheard talking about "taking a lap" around the club to scope out female revelers.

When he returned back home to Kourtney, she was livid. "Kourtney was fuming," a Kardashian insider tells Life & Style. "She told Scott not to come home. When he finally did, he quickly stormed out again -- and said he was going to NYC." In fact, in January alone, Scott has spent at least 11 days in a different state than Kourtney.

"When Scott wants to get away, he escapes to his own little bachelor pad on the Upper East Side," explains a friend of the Kardashians'. "He's had it forever and doesn't plan to get rid of it. It's definitely not suitable for family living, though -- it's a tiny apartment."

But even when the couple are together under the same roof, "they are not affectionate," reveals a friend of Kourtney's sister Khloé's. "I don't think they've had sex since Kourtney got pregnant -- and that was four months ago!" A second insider confirms their dry spell, telling Life & Style, "Scott says that as soon as Kourtney got pregnant, she stopped having sex with him."

As Kourtney's frustration grows, the protective Kardashians are closing ranks. "They know she's depressed and not happy," continues the second family friend. "You can see she's in a rut." The prospect of raising two kids alone is no doubt terrifying, but Kourtney has made the tough decision to call it quits over Scott's unacceptable behavior before -- in October 2009, when she was seven months pregnant with son Mason.

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