Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Dating: NYC Sleepover – Two Nights in a Row

Harry styles taylor swift dating

Harry Styles photographed on Dec. 4 carrying an overnight bag into NYC's Greenwich Hotel, where Taylor Swift is staying. He also stayed there on Dec. 3.


Seems like Taylor Swift has found herself a new snuggle buddy.

Taylor and beau Harry Styles have been taking the Big Apple by storm this week — and last night was no different.

After returning from her recording session at NYC’s Pier 59 Studios, Harry met up with the country songstress at the Greenwich Hotel, where she’s staying, for the second night in a row.

The One Direction heartthrob was spotted arriving to the hotel at 11 p.m. on Dec. 4.

Just one night before, Taylor was honored by her ex-boyfriend Conor Kennedy’s family at the Ripple of Hope Awards while Harry and his musical group performed at Madison Square Garden. Following both events, the pair (now being dubbed “Haylor”) were spotted holding hands, partying and singing karaoke until 4 a.m. before retreating to Taylor’s hotel.

The morning after, as well as today, they emerged from the hotel just moments apart. The duo were rumored to have begun dating a few weeks ago when they were spotted backstage at The X Factor.

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“Last night was the best thing I have ever done,” the 18-year-old tweeted yesterday. So was he talking about the concert or his night with Taylor? We’ll just have to keep guessing!

But their time together in Manhattan began over the weekend. As Life & Style reported, the pair were spotted taking a romantic stroll in Central Park on Dec. 2.

PHOTO: Taylor Swift and Harry Styles' romantic NYC date post X Factor sighting

“[Taylor]’s a really lovely girl,” Harry’s said about the 22-year-old songstress. “Honestly she couldn’t be a sweeter person. She’s a great girl and she’s extremely talented.”

Though they’ve yet to comment on the status of their relationship, we’re pretty sure “friends” don’t hold hands…or have sneaky late-night sleepovers.

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