The New Taylor Swift Is Sparking Boob Job Rumors Before the Release of Her Album!

We know the old Taylor Swift is dead but does the new Taylor also come with an enhanced chest? Rumors are swirling that the blonde beauty has undergone a boob job — and fans need only look at her latest music video for "Ready For It" for the reason why.

A nude robot Taylor, 27, is at the center of her latest video, and her seemingly larger breasts are very visible. "I must have missed something when did Taylor Swift grow boobs?" said one fan in response to the video. Others also noted her enhanced butt in that nude bodysuit — and called her out for her Kardashian-esque makeover. "Where did she get that butt and boobs from? She was thin as f--k like last year," another fan asked.

(Photo Credit: Vevo)

While the pop star has yet to comment on the plastic surgery rumors, experts believe she has gone under the knife for a subtle upgrade. “[Taylor] has always had a very petite chest but recent photos seem to show a fuller chest and more cleavage," plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman, who's never treated Taylor, told Page Six. "We know that Taylor has a friendship with many Victoria’s Secret models, so it is possible that she is rocking a new bra."

Taylor in May 2015 (left) vs. July 2016. (Photo Credit: Getty Images, Splash)

But, he added, “It is more likely that she has had some surgical help. I suspect that she has had a surgical breast augmentation, taking her from a small A cup to a B cup.” As for her booty, Dr. Andrew Miller exclusively told Life & Style. "Her buttocks do appear fuller and higher which can be the result of buttock implants or a Brazilian butt lift."

However, die-hard Swifties are coming to her defense, claiming they just appear larger thanks to some special effects. "I don’t think her boobs are that big / perfectly shaped so obviously some sort of body suit," a fan explained. Another just showed her some love, writing, "RT if you love Taylor Swift and her boobs."

Check out Taylor's transformation over the years in the gallery below!

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