Something's Wrong With Buddy in the 'My Big Fat Fabulous Life' Promo... But What Is It?


Buddy Bell from My Big Fat Fabulous Life hasn’t been getting good press lately. Just last year, news broke that Whitney Thore's roommate was arrested on multiple charges in 2014, and now it looks like there's a lot of drama coming his way in the new season of their hit show!

TLC’s new promo shows Whit criticizing Buddy’s treatment of his girlfriend, Heather. “Buddy continues to throw out small breadcrumbs to her,” she says. “It is positively cruel.” However, when he comes clean about leading Heather on, something bad happens. Whitney realizes that he left their house, and next time we see her she's crying to Buddy's parents, who tell her "it's not good news." "Just tell him that I love him and that I'm sorry," she pleads. Yikes! Fans speculate that Buddy has been dealing with depression, as his weight has been increasing over the past season, but we'll just have to tune in to the new season to see what triggers this new drama!

Fans found out that Buddy has a lot of secrets in 2017, when we learned that he had been arrested before. Here’s the scoop from the Raleigh Police Department in North Carolina, per Radar Online: Buddy was arrested for assaulting a police officer at Memorial Auditorium on Jan. 30, 2014, the same night Queens of the Stone Age was playing at the venue.

According to the Wave County Criminal Court, Buddy (whose actual name is Luby Bell) was charged with assaulting a government official, resisting a public officer, second-degree trespassing, public intoxication, and disorderly conduct. He was convicted of the disorderly conduct charge and slapped with a $380 fine and 45 days probation.

He’s not the only Big Fat Fab Life star with a record, however. Whitney’s ex-boyfriend Lennie Alehat (whose legal name is Nathaniel David Lee) was arrested for DWI in 2008 with blood alcohol content three times the legal limit. North Caroline court documents obtained by RadarOnline also revealed Lennie was “fight back while being placed in handcuffs” and “refused to stop spitting on police equipment.”)

Anyway, it seems like Buddy has stayed out of trouble since moving in with Whitney in 2015 — legally, at least. He was a real headache for Big Fat Fab Life producers last season when he lashed out at Shaun Robinson in the reunion special and stormed off the set when the issue of his finances came up. “I’m just tired of looking like a loser on the f--king show,” he seethed. You can watch the first episode of Season 5 now on tlc.com.

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