SPOILER ALERT: 'The Bachelor Winter Games' Officially Starts Filming — and We Have a BTS Look!

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The wait is almost over! Filming has officially started for The Bachelor Winter Games and thanks to one lucky fan, we have a behind-the-scenes look at the set. The Olympics-inspired reality show will take place in Vermont — and by the looks of it, it's going to be gold-medal worthy.

Reddit users, shared the photos of the "opening ceremony" and although it's a bit blurry, viewers can expect a crowd dressed in their winter best as they cheer on past contestants, who will be competing in a series of snow sports challenges. Another eyewitness, who attended the first day of filming, shared a more detailed account of the show.

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Along with sharing some spoilers (looks like U.S. favorites Dean Unglert, Luke Pell, Eric Bigger, Ashley I., and Kristina Schulman will be making appearances), the extra also revealed security was extra tight. "We're allowed to tell people about it in person, but we can't post about it on social media," they wrote. "It seemed like more of a formality than anything else seeing as they didn't care that everyone in the crowd had their phone out and were recording s--t and taking pictures of the contestants, but they do take down the name and face of everyone who appears on camera so I am being as careful as I can."

(Photo Credit: Reddit)

The attendee continued, "Most of [the contestants] didn't interact with each other very closely. This is total speculation but if I had to guess I would say the producers tell them not to be very close during the ceremony since it was open to the public they might not want too much getting out now. Also, it was cold and raining so most people were just shivering with each other."

Bachelor die-hards are definitely divided over the spin-off — even if there is a chance of seeing your past favorites crash into the snow and find love. "This looks hilariously low budget. I can't wait," one fan wrote before another added, "I don't even know if I will tune in to watch this show now. Kinda lost interest in it..."

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