Drippin' SWAG-U: What Kristen Bell, Blake Shelton and More Stars Will Receive Inside the CMT Music Awards Gift Bag

Kristen bell cmt awards


Ever wondered what’s inside those celebrity award show gift bags?

As if being a celeb wasn’t cool enough, stars at the 2014 CMT Music Awards will walk away from the greatest night in country music with a pretty awesome bag of swag tucked under their arm.

We’re here to break it down for you and give you the scoop on some of the items this year’s attendees — including Blake Shelton and host Kristen Bell — will be taking home to enjoy tonight:

Bathtub Gin — TN Whiskey Cherry Tomato Jam

Kristen Bell CMT Awards
Did someone say a bathtub full of gin? Now we’re intrigued. Unfortunately, we found out this doesn’t mean what we thought it did — and Bathtub Gin is actually a really delectable (non-alcoholic) jam that’s made in Nashville, Tenn. And you know what jam goes on? BISCUITS. Delicious, buttery biscuits, which is just as good as a bathtub of gin (if not better).

Good Spread – Peanut Butter Packs

Kristen Bell CMT Awards
The only thing better than peanut butter in general is peanut butter you can take with you EVERYWHERE YOU GO. The stars can put it on everything they find backstage at the Craft Services table (although we'd opt to just eat it straight out of the package—we have no shame). Portable peanut butter is the wave of the future and might just be our favorite thing (besides a bathtub full of gin).

Lily and Val — Note Cards and Notepad

Kristen Bell CMT Awards
We're suckers for custom stationery, and especially custom stationery that’s as insanely adorable as the Lily and Val line. Renowned chalkboard artist Val McKeehan handcrafts custom chalk art for weddings, business and personal use, and her work has been featured in everything from The Knot magazine and HGTV.com to the Huffington Post.

L George Designs — Handmade Crystal Fringe Necklace

Kristen Bell CMT Awards
If there’s one thing we love in the south, it’s fringe. Fringe on our boots, fringe on our cowboy hats, fringe on our vests—and if it doesn’t already have fringe on it, you better believe we're pulling out our hot glue guns and getting to work. That's why we're in love with this beautiful, handmade fringe necklace from L George Designs.

Love Virginia Ruth – Handmade Pocket Squares

Kristen Bell CMT Awards
And now for all the fellas out there—what dapper country crooner doesn’t love a crisp, clean pocket square to complement his signature style? Handcrafted with attention to style and quality with a vintage inspiration, we can’t help but picture Jake Owen adding this to his suave red carpet look and rocking the red carpet on the night of June 4. SUH-WOON.
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