Sorry 'This Is Us' Fans, But the Show Is on Hiatus Until January

For fans hoping to catch a new episode of This Is Us on Tuesday night, you're unfortunately out of luck. The big three won't return to our television screens until Jan. 2 due to the show's winter hiatus.

Though we're disappointed that we won't be able to check in with the Pearson gang over the next few weeks, their absence gives us time to rewatch the series. (Honestly, we could use a refresher given everything that's happened over the first half of Season 2!) Producer Isaac Aptaker gave Entertainment Weekly a clue as to what the show will explore next: How the unexpected upheaval in Randall's home life — with both the arrival and exits of William and Déjà — has affected his two daughters.

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In one of the last scenes of the fall finale, nine-year-old Tess admits she hates her home life after sneaking into her uncle Kevin's car. "It’s part the attention, it’s part that she’s been living in this house, [and Randall], with the best of intentions, but still, has brought now two new family members into the home that she’s fallen in love with and have either passed away or [been] ripped away from her very suddenly," Aptaker explained. "That’s a lot for anyone — that’s especially a lot for a young girl to deal with, and I think it’s really trying for her."

As for whether or not Kevin has actually hit rock bottom, Aptaker revealed, "Yes. We’re not going to come back [in January] and have Kevin in prison smuggling things to get painkillers. That’s not where our show is going. It’s safe to say that him driving under the influence with the niece who he adores unknowingly in the car, and then getting arrested is pretty much his wake-up call, and the people in his life are going to be very aware that he has a problem and needs help."

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