Arie Luyendyk Jr. Had His First "Hard Goodbye" on Tonight's Episode of 'The Bachelor!'

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Another week, another rose ceremony. However, things are getting serious for Arie Luyendyk Jr. who had his first "hard goodbye" on tonight's episode of The Bachelor. So who went home without a rose? (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD!)

Arie, 36, said goodbye to three ladies — Lauren S., Annaliese, and Bibiana — and each breakup was harder than the next. First up was Lauren, the social media manager from Texas, who admitted she was "all over the place" on her one-on-one date in Napa Valley with the former race car driver. While Arie was initially excited to spend the day with the blonde beauty, her erratic conversation was a deal breaker. “It’s a difficult goodbye but it's necessary because it brings me closer to what I'm here for — to find that person," Arie told cameras after sending Lauren home.

And Arie made another difficult choice before the rose ceremony, sending home Annaliese, who is officially famous in Bachelor Nation for her childhood bumper car trauma, during cocktail hour. There was no chemistry between the pair, which Arie made clear when he turned down the opportunity to kiss the event designer and told her he did not see a future with her. Ouch.

Jacqueline, Tia, Bibiana, and Maquel. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

However, the hardest exit of the night had to be former Miami Dolphins cheerleader Bibiana — who was the only lady to not receive a rose at the actual ceremony. “I deserve real love but I lost my chance and that really f--king sucks," the brunette beauty said between tears after getting eliminated. "I don’t deserve this and someone needs to just give me a break. I am broken and I want everyone to know that I have tried." We're rooting for you, Bibi!

Hopefully, these beauties are following in their dismissed predecessors footsteps and rebranding themselves on social media — because, you know, priorities. Immediately after the first rose ceremony Ali, Amber, Brianna, Brittane, Jessica, Lauren J., Nysha, and Olivia announced they had joined forces as the “The Rosé Girls," complete with a photo shoot, a shiny new Instagram, and a YouTube channel.

“Sometimes good things fall apart so better things can come together like the seven of us and we like to call ourselves the Rosé Girls,” they captioned their first Instagram, which was a nice video of the ladies taken at a photoshoot they organized for themselves their fans. “Our time might have been short, but fall in love with us here.”

We’re kind of unsure about how we feel about this. On one hand, we’re impressed with their effort to build a loyal fanbase to sell Flat Tummy Tea to and we love to see women who are there to make friends (plus, they are clearly savvy businesswomen who know how to strategize)…but on the other hand… really, ladies?! At the end of the day, we can’t knock any girl for trying!

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