Would Alicia Keys Take Randy Jackson's Place as an 'American Idol' Judge?

Alicia keys randy jackson american idol


After 12 years on American Idol, Randy Jackson is packing his bags and moving on.

Life & Style caught up with Alicia Keys at the American Idol Top 3 results night, where she was surprised— and saddened— to hear about Randy’s departure.

“That's so sad,” the “Girl on Fire” crooner sighed as she learned of the news. “I think he's amazing. I really love him a lot… for lots of years.”

CONFIRMED: Randy Jackson Leaves American Idol After 12 Seasons

But with a vacancy at the judges table— and perhaps even more, as there are reports that FOX might completely revamp the panel— would the superstar consider joining the Idol family?  

“I don’t know if I’d want to be a judge,” she admits, adding that her hectic schedule wouldn’t likely give her enough time to take the gig.

“I'm about to go to Europe for my tour and then I have Brazil and Rock In Rio with Justin Timberlake, which will be crazy… and Asia and Australia so, that's going to take me right on up through January,” Alicia tells Life & Style.

Since Alicia won’t be filling Randy’s shoes any time soon, who do you think should replace him as the next American Idol judge?

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