We are seriously so confused. Abby Lee Miller, who is currently serving a 366-day prison sentence for fraud at the Federal Correctional Complex in Victorville, CA, somehow found the time to tweet about the Season 7B premiere of Dance Moms — you know, like, the show she just quit.

The former TV personality, 50, seemingly took to Twitter on Wednesday, Aug. 2, to ask fans if they tuned into the Lifetime reality series on Tuesday night. “Who watched last night’s episode of #DanceMoms?” she wrote.

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She then followed up with another tweet, asking, “What’s your thoughts on @DanceMoms ? #DanceMoms #season7b #ALDC” — and she even retweeted a video of one of her former students’ group performances.

Obvi, we have a few questions about all this. 1) Are you able to tweet from jail? (Probably not, right?), so 2) Was this a scheduled tweet gone wrong?, and 3) Why would she promote the latest season of Dance Moms when she was so salty about being replaced by Dancing With the Stars pro Cheryl Burke? (“I bet you she’s treated differently,” Abby has said of Cheryl, 33, and her new gig.)

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While we may never know how or why this tweet happened, we do know that Abby has not been having the best time in prison since she began her sentence on July 12. “She has these fits of hysterical crying. A very good friend of mine described it as ‘bats–t crazy crying,'” former Victorville inmate Holli Coulman told Life & Style exclusively. “She’s been cleaning the bathrooms, toilets, and showers. The staff shine flashlights in her face and make comments, and the inmates want to see her taken down a peg.”

As previously reported, Abby was indicted for fraud in 2015 and charged with 20 counts that October. She pleaded guilty to hiding more than $700,000 in earnings from Dance Moms and other projects during Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings in 2011. Since then, she has forfeited $120,000 in Australian currency that she illegally brought into the country.