Not so fast, Robby! Fans weren’t convinced that Robby Hayes is a good guy after his big return to Bachelor in Paradise during Part 1 of the finale, and neither was his ex-girlfriend Amanda Stanton. She took to Twitter to throw some subtle shade after his brief appearance on Sept. 10.

While Amanda didn’t say anything herself, her feelings were obvious when you look at the fan tweets that she liked about the situation. “@amandastantonnn is an ANGEL. I’m not rooting for anyone who would treat her like less,” said one. Another wrote, “Robby just straight up lied to Shu’s face about cheating on @amandastantonnn ??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️??‍♀️” A third said, “Robby is a cheater cheater pumpkin eater. @amandastantonnn has to be laughing at this right now. #BachelorInParadise.”


(Credit: Twitter)

In case you missed it, Robby basically went on the show last night and tried to make it sound like last year’s bitter cheating scandal with Amanda was all a big misunderstanding and he never did anything wrong.

When he took Shushanna on a date, she asked him about his experience on BIP Season 4. “It was great, I had my little stint with Amanda and we decided when we got back that that wasn’t for us. She seems to be happy now with a new guy in her life, and I’m happy out here on a date with you in paradise,” he said. Shu said that “You have 100% of my trust” to which he responded, “because I gave you no reason not to! You gotta give everyone a chance.” 


(Credit: ABC)

But later on, Olivia and Cassandra sat Shu down and explained what happened between Robby and Amanda, which made her very worried. “I thought it was not true, but they’re so sure that’s what happened,” she said, before point-blank asking Robby if he’s every cheated on anyone. “On anyone? Yes,” he said. “What about Amanda?” she questioned. “No,” he said. She believed him and gave him her rose, but the pair ended up breaking things off things off the next day anyway and heading out of Paradise solo. 

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