Way harsh. Annaliese Puccini had a rough go of it on The Bachelor, and when she came to Bachelor in Paradise, it seemed all sunshine — for about a second. After a series of hookups and breakups, we thought she just may have formed an actually meaningful relationship with her fellow castmate Kamil Nicalek… until he dumped her on national TV! Let’s take a look back at their rise and fall as a couple, shall we?

Annaliese has dealt with a lot of trauma in the Bachelor world. 

First bumper car trauma coming back to haunt her, now relationship troubles. Though Annaliese was wary when she first hit the beach, she was determined to find love — and so she let herself be wooed by Jordan Kimball, despite David Ravitz‘ warnings that Jordan can be a bit, well, “disingenuine” as the stars like to say. She even started to think about marriage and having children — only for her dreams to be dashed by Jenna Cooper showing up on the beach. 

Next came Kenny King, who Annaliese started a romance with about five minutes before the rose ceremony. It worked, though, and the two became something of an item. Unfortunately, it also wasn’t long before Kenny decided that he needed to go home and be with his daughter so he could see her dance recital. Though it was the mature, loving sort of decision you’d want your future husband and father of your children to make, Annaliese was devastated again, but decided to give Paradise one more shot to work things out. 

When Kamil showed up, Annaliese finally found something real. (Or so she thought). 

Well, as real as it can be when you’re on a dating show for all of six weeks (and honestly it’s probably more like two weeks considering how quickly the seasons are filmed). They decided to go on a date together, and it was ATV city, which means Annaliese must’ve gotten over her bumper car trauma (or maybe it’s just a really specific fear). Immediately, it seemed like love — well, at least for Annaliese — and the two made out and sort of but not quite maybe became a couple.

Even after they got together, Kamil and Annaliese had trouble in Paradise

It wasn’t all smooth sailing. About five minutes after the pair officially coupled up, Shushanna Mkrtychyan came to the beach, and she only had eyes for Kamil. She admitted she’d already Instagram stalked him and that she thought he was handsome, and the two seemed to have a vibe. When she invited him to go on the double date with her (and Christen and John), he readily agreed — and even said that what he and Annaliese had was more like a friend thing than anything else. 

But it seemed like the date didn’t go as expected, at least for Shu, because when Kamil came back, he was ready to be ~all in~ with Annaliese. But there was more danger lurking ahead in the form of Chelsea campaigning for a rose, giving it one last-ditch effort by trying to convince Kamil to let her stay and find love (with him? That part wasn’t too clear to us). Not ready to lose her (third) man, Annaliese decided to fight for her relationship, telling Chelsea not to poke the bear. And when Shu continued to try and pursue things with Kamil, she confronted her too. 

In fact, the Shu-Kamil-Annaliese love triangle even erupted to the point where Shushanna was being accused of witchcraft and putting a spell on Kamil and Annaliese. Bartender Wells Adams called in a “Russian witch hunt” and total nonsense, but that didn’t seem to deter the couple (and everyone else) for talking about it the rest of the season. Eventually, Shu decided to move on and set her sights back on Jordan Mauger from New Zealand. Once Kamil and Annaliese could be together without conflict, we thought it would be smooth sailing. Until…

After the final rose…

Kamil and Annaliese left Paradise as a couple. Clearly she was disappointed that he didn’t pop the question, but she seemed satisfied with what they were building, engagement or not. On the reunion special, Kamil revealed that Annaliese had visited him at home and met his family and friends… before savagely insisting that he thinks they should split up. He was literally booed off the stage as Annaliese sobbed. It was painful to watch.

Kamil defends his choices.

It feels like no one could understand why Kamil chose to have this very personal conversation in such a public way. Even Chris Harrison asked him why he didn’t do it before the show. Kamil (tried to) explain his thought process on Instagram. 

“Annaliese and I met under unique circumstances that not many can relate to. I was and am still very confused by the speed that feelings and commitments take place in this setting,” he said, going on to insist that their feelings were real. He called her a “great woman,” and said, “Out of mutual respect for her and myself, I had to be honest about my feelings because a relationship is nothing without either of those.”

“Making those decisions are never easy but finding love in a true, lasting relationship is more important,” he continued. 

The time we had away from this amazing experience I was able to put things in context for something you take truly and sincerely seriously. “It’s not easy but it is right. It would be disingenuous to say otherwise. People will say or think otherwise but I wasn’t in this experience to be anyone else but me.” Womp, womp.