'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Kendall Long And Joe Amabile Reconnected After The Show!


Fans fell in love with Kendall Long and "Grocery Store Joe" Joe Amabile as a couple on the very first episode of Season 5 of Bachelor In Paradise, and even after the show, they're still obsessed. After a crushing breakup and leaving the island separately, the duo revealed on the reunion that they're dating again! 

Off to a strong start

The very first day, Joe was interested in Kendall. He pulled her aside to the day bed, and they enjoyed a chat and were clearly getting flirty. When Kendall said "I expected there to be a lot more aggression, and people trying to claim and make moves..." "That's what I'm doing right now," says Joe, before telling her she's his favorite part of Paradise and kissing her for the first time. 

Things got a little rocky

Despite Joe being the ultimate dreamboat, Kendall was smitten with Leo Dottavio when he came to Paradise. They enjoyed a romantic date, and even made out before coming back. Kendall seemed to be leaning toward picking Leo over Joe, since she could "see a future" with him more, and then he kissed Chelsea and went crazy when Kendall confronted him over it. Leo even tried to fight Joe!

They made it official

After all that drama, Kendall started talking to Venmo John more. During one special moment, they shared a kiss, which gave Kendall the clarity she needed. She ran over to Joe and told him that after that kiss, all she could think about was him. She said she's done considering other people, and Joe felt the same. "If other dudes could stop kissing my girlfriend now, that would be great," he joked. Awww! 

They broke our hearts when they broke up.

On part 1 of the finale, Joe broke up with Kendall after realizing that they just weren't on the same page. He believed his feelings for her were much stronger than hers were for him, and they both cried and went home. 

There were some Insta-clues

Before we knew they were back together, we had a sneaking suspicion thanks to Instagram. Joe lives in Chicago (where his grocery store is) while Kendall lives in Los Angeles, but recently they've both been spotted in LA. On Aug. 11, Kendall shared a photo from the Hollywood Forever Cemetery, while Joe snapped a pic at Alimento LA, not too far away. It looks like fans weren't just grasping at straws! 

Kendall seemed confident in her decisions

On Aug. 22 after her date with Leo, Kendall took to Twitter to address all of the angry fans. "Thank you all for your opinions! Though it pains me that I have never met or had a conversation with most of you, your concern and passion for my choices and love life warm my heart greatly. I bid you goodnight social media friends 😘," she wrote. Clearly she feels good about how things turned out, which is even sweeter knowing she's back with Joe! 

A highly anticipated reunion

The pair revealed on the reunion that they got backj together after filming. “I don’t know if we’re going to move in right away, but we’re going to figure things out,” he told Us Weekly. “I trust Kendall. I’m happy with her. I trust her … I like when she gets mad and she puts that face on. Her mad face makes me laugh!” We're so happy for them! 

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